December 16, 2014

The Bollywood generation gap!

20 years back, somewhere in the 90's when I was in my teens..I popped a question at mom "Who's your favorite actor?"

"Rajesh Khanna" she replied.

Rajesh Khanna! Really? I was disappointed our choices didn't match. The Khans were ruling the 90's cinema and she had picked an actor from a completely different era. I failed to understand why. He didn't even act in movies anymore. Wouldn't a Salman or a Shah Rukh be a rather appropriate choice? I wondered!

Years have passed by since then. My fondness for movies and Bollywood remains intact. Salman and SRK have still continued their reign over Indian cinema with a long list of blockbusters under their belt. But times have changed too. Its equally evident how the newbie actors have entered. So popular and are doing extremely well. These are the same kids who were in school when DDLJ or MPK released. But are now sharing the same frame and fame in bollywood.

For the love of Indian cinema,  I do enjoy watching these new faces! Fresh out of the oven actors with enormous talent who have so much to prove and offer. Yet deep inside me those movies that I watched while growing up, those stars that I fell in love with in my teens...will always be the most special. Years down the line if I'm ever asked who my favorite actor is? I don't really know whom I'll pick, but I sure do know one thing: The generation from which he'll belong:))

And therefore Mom chose Mr. Rajesh Khanna, today I seem to know the reason why!

Last week DDLJ got recognition for completing 1000 weeks. I remember the effect it had on me when I first saw the movie in 1995. Every since, I've watched it umpteenth times. I'll watch it again in a heartbeat, feeling the same way I did for the first time. There can never be another movie like DDLJ, and there will always be only one Raj and Simran.

Below is the newly released trailer of the film on benchmarking 1000 weeks! I got goosebumps watching it. Let me know if you felt it too? What a movie, what an era, what romance! Agree?

December 9, 2014


There are these days...
when I feel so content with life. 
Its like a blessing,
as if i'm god's own favorite child.
No complaints, no hassles, 
just simple happy-state-of-mind.

Then there are few other moments,
where I question my existence!
What have I achieved so far,
What is it that i'll be known for? 

A fire within me ignites.
Gives me the power
and strength to fight! 
I know there is a long way to go,
before I can reach my goals.
Alongside I mustn't forget 
that a happy heart,
is what'll matter in the end. 

December 8, 2014

Old is gold

Who needs a time machine to travel back in time?
Just listen to an old song, 
and that'll be all!

Stuck in traffic and it's raining hard. It's going to be a long drive before I get to step out of the car. Also bit hungry, looking for an exit..I'm hoping to spot a coffee shop. Car journeys make me sick. The radio is making things worse by playing repeated songs. Let me grab my phone, pick a number from the playlist. Some good music to the ears will sooth all my other senses. 

There is something so happy about listening to old songs. Makes we wanna forgive and forget! Puts me in a state of trance. Reminds me of a younger me. The time that will never come back. But I've found a way to relive those moments, and it's as simple as listening to some good old songs:))

Few songs down, I had forgotten my hunger. Seated in that car, but I had travelled back in the past. It felt I could go on forever like this, but home was just a minute apart. These old songs are like vintage treasures. Classic, timeless and will never fade out. Lifting up the mood is what they're all about! 

What's your favourite old song!?