September 29, 2014

The power of #Hashtag!

floating in a world of hashtags!

"Our country used to play with snakes, now we play with the mouse"

 Quoted our beloved Prime Minister while addressing the crowd at Madison Square Garden in NYC. Rightly so, not just in terms of contribution to IT but the power of the mouse/computer has brought us closer in a unique way! 

 Little did we imagine a key on our keyboard would prefix almost any word, and change the dynamics of communication. 

The use of hashtags is no less then having a telepathic conversation through the means of twitter, Facebook, google+ and Instagram! enabling unknown people with similar thoughts at the same time to connect with one another.

Social media platforms have fairly contributed in bridging the gap between the youth and politics. For obvious reasons having Mr Narendra Modi in America fills every Indian with pride and joy, but it's been fascinating to watch how the language of social media: #ModiInAmerica got all Indians living across the world to connect and celebrate the event on the web in a unanimous way.

#ModiInAmerica #feelingproud #namosteamerica

September 22, 2014

New York City skyline!

A picture can speak a 1000 words, and here it is! a view captured into images that connects to the heart in so many ways. 

While the tall skyscrapers, glittering with lights begin to cast a spell already, the sky chooses to play the perfect backdrop! 
Dim moonlight lights up the sky not loosing its aura to the thousand other city lights. The quiet flowing Hudson river creating mystifying reflection of the skyline into its water, makes a humble contribution to the view.

A perfect example of how something man-made in sync with nature could be so breathtaking, the NYC skyline certainly sweeps my heart away!

September 19, 2014

FamousFridays | Noureen Dhanani

Owner at Aura - Design Studio

When dedication and creativity join hands together, Noureen Dhanani's collection is what surfaces. Every sari designed by her is a masterpiece and given my love for the six-yard drape, I would acquire all her pieces in a heartbeat.

Having witnessed her passion and commitment towards the profession, I couldn't wait to make her a part of my FF page!

Here is what the designer revealed in a rapid fire round with her!

Love of your life?
N: The three F's - Food, fashion, and my family.

Favorite Bollywood movie?
N: I don't think I have any one favorite. If it has songs picturised in Switzerland in chiffon sarees, it qualifies. ;)

Hots for?
N: Is this a valid question? Salman Khan, of course ;)

Biggest fear?
N: Being chased or attacked by a dog; The size of the dog is completely irrelevant. Lol! ;(

Success to you is?
N: Being known and recognized as an international designer. It would give me the ultimate pleasure and glory.

Fame or fortune?
N: Fame! Where there is fame, fortune follows. ;)

On a date night, you'd dress up in?
N: Depending on the occasion and the venue of course, but a dress and heels are always classic. 

A celebrity you'd love to see wearing your collection?
N: Hema Malini. I have been a childhood fan and she is often classified as the most beautiful women in bollywood.

An Indian designer who's style you admire?
N: Ooooh..Can't pick one. As a spectator, I gravitate toward Sabyasachi's boldness and Tarun Tahiliani's subtleness. As a consumer, I prefer my classic and understated pieces by Anita Dongre and Poonam Bhagat. 

September 15, 2014

Men in PINK!

Pink is for girls and Blue is for boys..! I think thats an old cliche and should be set aside. A man dressed in pink is symbolic to the re-birth of the hue as an unisex color that looks pretty on girls but also perfectly normal on a guy.

Breaking away from the set boundaries are my bollywood favorites who've managed to look pretty "hunk" in pink! who's your favorite!?

September 12, 2014

FamousFridays | Madhuri Parson

Her jewelry line and personal charm, both have me completely smitten. Meet the lady who inaugurates my first FF page: 

Madhuri Parson -An Indian origin, New York based Jewelry Designer, with her own label (

Jewelry thats love at first sight. A perfect blend of traditional Indian elements with a modern touch, 
making it wearable on not just Indian but any attire. 

For an insight into the world of Madhuri Parson, the designer and the person she is, keep scrolling!

What fueled your love affair with Jewelry?

M: I was born into a family of jewelers dating back to six generations in India, so I would say that it all started at an early age...It's the jewelry heritage that motivates me to work hard and carry on this legacy.

Your inspiration while designing?

M: It keeps changing...I love attention to detail and mostly my inspiration comes from Architecture , Art and Nature. I could be walking down a street in NYC and gather inspiration from a sidewalk. Sometimes the colors of blooming flowers at Central park while taking a stroll does the trick. Even the spice dabba in mom's kitchen would grab my attention. 

Favorite Indian food and Restaurant?

M: For me, nothing beats a home cooked meal by mom. Be it her rotis that she makes from scratch, baingan ka bharta or choley she adds a magic touch to everything she cooks. When dining out, Hampton Chutney and Chola  in NYC are my favorites! Also love the Dishoom restaurant in London for its gorgeous decor and the food. 

If not a Jewelry Designer?

M: If I look back I didn't know that this would be it. It took 10 years of hard work to reach where I am today and my commitment has brought the best in me. Today I cannot even imagine doing anything else.

A glimpse of her creations! You can shop her exquisite designs here

See you'll next Friday!:)

September 8, 2014

Morning cup of bliss!

Have you ever sat to wonder how someone came up with the Indian version of tea, more dearly known as the Indian masala chai!? Anyway! a big thank you to the mystery inventor for the recipe. Though, unlike India I would never find a chaiwalla  here selling the "tapriwalli chai" at every nook and corner of the city, sometimes I do find myself getting lucky at few Indian restaurants of New York/New Jersey and god bless them for that.

On a rather everyday basis, I find myself enjoying what I fondly call as my morning bliss from the comfort of my own kitchen at home. Just a tad bit more satiating than a regular earl grey or a cup of cappuccino can provide, I Love my desi masala chai! 

Any chai lovers on my page yet!?

September 3, 2014

ICE or RICE..its all about the cause!

Hats off to the power of Social Media, the #icebucketchallenge goes viral. Our Facebook page is over flowing with videos from friends, colleagues, relatives, celebrities and acquaintances pouring ice and making donations. While much has been talked about the water wastage, the challenge has indeed helped spread awarness for the ALS disease and also managed to raise the millions.

This eventually gave birth to the Indian version of the challenge and the ice has been replaced with the rice factor! 
Now we have our very own 

Must admit, a very intelligent move to capitalize on the publicity from the ice bucket and using it to make a difference and fight the poverty prevalent in India.  

However, the rice bucket doesn't have to be our answer to the ice bucket!

Whether it's about pouring an ice filled bucket on your head or donating a bucket of rice
  let's not forget the underlying cause of these challenges and be supportive of both.
Ice or Rice, I sincerely vouch for both the bucket challenges. How bout you?

Image courtesy:, google search engine.