My story

 Born and brought up in India when I trailed to the United States with my better half, along with me moved a mix of Indian culture and traditions that I was deeply rooted to. The urge to behold my "indianness" in the midst of new beginnings led to the birth of Indian girl | American world.

My feelings, thoughts and experiences about "life in USA" are stringed into words here. From fashion-to food-to films, you'll find everything that I love about being Indian, on this blog! This space is an honest reflection of me - a home where I can come to speak my mind.

I believe my life will always be a " work in progress" with so much to learn, explore and experiment. It means a lot that you took time to stop by and take a peek into my world. 

I'am always on the look out to write about interesting, fun stuff that is relevant to this blog. Covering Events, promoting your brand, or even if you have a story like mine to share...I would love to publish it on my blog.

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*Disclaimer - I love creating my own pictures for the blog, but few images may have been sourced from Google. Please write to me if you find your image here and want it removed. 


  1. Your page has a problem, I can not follow you beautiful :((

    1. Hi Stefanny,

      Thanks for reporting! I'll just look into why this is happening..,did you try following on google+ or the members only?

  2. Just found your blog :) I moved to the US last year too and I keep saying the same there is just so much to see and learn each day :D
    Where in the US are you? :)


    1. Hi Aditi,

      Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yes it's a whole new world away from home and It's great to find people who share the similar feeling! :))

      I am in New bout you?

  3. I found your blog when you left a sweet little comment in my blog. I'm glad that you commented because I'm loving your posts. They are Amazing and original :)
    ps: its fun to find another blogger who is as crazy as me for Bollywood ;)