June 30, 2013

Post a review!

Make your opinion count!

I am sure we all have relied/taken some advice from an online review.Whether it is before purchasing a product,availing a service or eating at a restaurant. Haven't we?
These ratings and reviews that exist all over the Internet world today,help us make a smarter shopping decision before we spend the bills or swipe our cards.

My point is that these comments do not come from "experts"who are getting paid to write so. These reviews reflect personal experiences of regular shoppers( just like you and me) who have selflessly taken that time out to post an unbiased review(good or bad) only to help future shoppers beware!

It got me thinking...have I ever personally stopped by to post a review for something I really had a good or bad experience with? "Write a review"is an option available at almost every website. It would take five minutes to speak up about your dining experience at a new restaurant you visited last weekend or the pair of shoes that you picked up from a store. 

Lets take that selfless timeout to post a review in return for millions of others who are already out there doing it.

Wondering where to start? You can write about anything.Your favorite spa,a restaurant you love to wine and dine at,or maybe a bad haircut at an over priced salon( now this place certainly needs a review!)
Spread the word.Let people know.Post it!

I just posted my first online review of a recent purchase,and it feels great! I hope you do too:))

Here is a little insider that will help you frame a good review.

Happy writing!

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June 24, 2013

The Indian attire!

The only thing more beautiful than a sari,is the woman herself!
Few things are timeless.A sari is one amongst them.It never seems to go out of fashion.Despite of getting a little makeover here and there with due respect to the change in time and trends, it still is (I believe so) the most precious asset in the closet of the Indian women!(including me)

Whether it is our moms wearing it on a daily basis and yet performing those household chores with such finesse (yet to figure out how!),or the famous divas from the Indian film industry rocking it at international events(remember Ash at cannes?)The versatility of the sari,to make a woman look subtle or hot (whatever she chooses to be) goes unmatched.

As much as I love this Indian attire on myself, living in the USA since two years has given me rare occasions to wear my ethnics. A diwali puja, friends wedding, or a dandiya night gets me excited to adorn that sari I picked up on my last visit to India. If only I could wear it more often here.

Nevertheless my online hunt for those chiffons and georgettes,Manish malhotras and Sabyasachis never seems to rest. If you are looking to buy one or simply hoping to stay connected with latest in trend. Check out the below mentioned sites. I simply love them.

Happy shopping!!

Celebs at Cannes,and the designer labels!
Courtesy: google images.

The style statement....ain't nobody like a Desi girl.

June 18, 2013

Same airport, different emotions!


There is something so strange about the way they can make you feel.I call it strange because the 
variety of emotions it can put you through each time you find yourself at an airport. Same place yet different emotions dependent upon two simple yet strong words. Arrivals and departures!!!

For any Indian like me, staying in a country other than India,the meaning and feeling of being at an airport goes beyond the obvious reasons.

Trips to India are long awaited. When it happens,the departure from the U.S. airport and the arrival at the Mumbai airport fills the heart with excitement and joy. I love this feeling of being at the airport. Starting to count the hours/minutes at the back of my mind,my heart begins to anticipate the feeling of meeting my loved ones.

Pretty soon,even before I realize my trip comes to an end and its time to head back. I leave for the airport. The same one,but the feelings attached with being at that airport doesnt remain the same. They seem to have taken a 180 degree turn. I feel the difference. My excitement is replaced by the sorrow to separate from my loved ones back in India. I hate this feeling of being at the airport.Starting to count the minutes/seconds at the back of my mind once again,my heart wants to make use of all the little time I have before I say my final goodbye. 

Whether its the arrival of friends/family coming to visit me in the US or the departure of the same. Whether it is my own arrival into India or departure from the same. I keep juggling between the love-hate relationship of being at the airport and it never seems to change!