September 14, 2017

Miranda Frye Ashleigh necklace

I rarely purchase jewelry online but for this particular Miranda Frye Ashleigh necklace, which also happens to be one of their bestsellers, I gave in to the temptation. And now that it's here I can't wait to share all about it. 

From hitting the "place your order" on my laptop screen, waiting for it to arrive and to the day it actually got delivered (it took a month!) was quite a journey.

Apparently I had entered the wrong apartment no. and USPS ended up shipping it back to Miranda Frye office. After endlessly tracking my parcel with USPS and exchanging emails with MF customer service ( they were so kind and prompt)  I finally had the chance to open my first Miranda Frye jewelry box last week! And I can safely say it was totally worth the wait. Though I couldn't stop thinking about how many times I could have worn it earlier had it arrived in time. 

Never mind, it's here now and I can't stop wearing it over everything and anything. The shining silver adds the right amount of glam to otherwise such a delicate chain making it look super elegant and an everyday kind of jewelry to adorn.


The chain is 42" long.
It comes in sterling silver and gold filled. ( I ordered mine in sterling silver)
Gold filled is an actual layer of gold pressure bonded to another metal and has more gold compared to gold plated. 

I feel that this kind of jewelry is definitely a great and affordable alternative to solid gold jewelry without compromising on the quality. 

Care Instructions:
With just a little bit of effort you can make your jewelry last longer!

Store it in an air tight plastic bag to avoid contact with air. Humidity is an enemy! My MF necklace already came with a ziplock pouch perfect for its storage.  
Wear your jewelry at the last. Perfumes,  deodorants, lotions or hair sprays have harsh chemicals that will hamper the quality of your jewelry in the long run.
Lastly, avoid rough wear and handle your jewelry delicately to slow down the process of "wear and tear"

The coolest part for me was how this necklace can be worn in 9 different ways out of which I've listed my 5 favorite below.

The only downside is that you have to be very careful while you take it on and off your neck because it tangles very easily. 

Other than that I'm obsessed with this necklace, for that matter all of Miranda Frye designs. And now that I'm assured of the quality I know I'll be indulging in a few more of their stuff :))

Happy shopping! 

September 6, 2017

Twinning with D!

There is nothing more blissful then spending time with your loved ones and this long weekend was all about that. We rented a cabin in the woods at Poconos and I still can't get over the feeling of living right in the middle of lush green forests. 

The weather did play spoil sport and we couldn't do much of outdoorsy stuff, but what followed was a series of dumb charades and poker sessions, late night conversations with lots of chai and food and getting clicked in the lap of nature. 

D and me ended up twinning during our stay and I can't wait to share our pictures together. 

Outfit details:

D's Shirt Dress: Zara 
D's Shoes: UGG
My blouse: (old) similar- (1) (2)

August 25, 2017

My All-purpose bag!

If you ask me about my favorite fashion accessory, it's ought to be handbags! It's like there will always be a handbag on my wish list or at the back of my mind that I wanna buy, at any given point. 

For quite sometime now, I've had my eyes on Ted Baker handbags. Typically, their signature PVC tote bags. Last week I ordered one for myself and I have only good things to talk about the purchase. Therefore, I decided to share my arm candy details on the blog today!

Ever since I got this bag which was last week, I've been wearing it on every single outfit and each time I've stepped out. The design of the bag is just so simple and basic, that it effortlessly compliments both casual and a dressy look making it my current go-to bag. Another very important feature (that holds a lot of importance to me) is how roomy it is and accommodates all my essentials.

The PVC material makes it really light weight and super easy to clean. Love low maintenance bags, don't we!?

The tote is available in two different colors- black and beige. After sparing a few extra minutes in deciding the color, I opted for the beige. The neutral tone of the bag makes its look so chic and classy and I don't have to overthink about matching it. Plus i know the color wont betray me in any season, as I definitely plan on using it this fall and winter!

Coming to the price of the bag (which is my favorite part) I think it's a steal.  It's below a $100 bucks and worth every penny. I would even rate it by far THE best bag I've bought in that price range. Having already received a bunch of compliments over it, on how different it looks and where did I buy it, keep scrolling for all the details!

The bag is from Bloomingdales and here is the link. Ted Baker has a lot of options in PVC bags. They come in various colors, adorable prints and other sizes too.  If you do happen to shop for one of their pieces, do leave me a comment below on which one did you buy! I'd love to know.

Happy shopping and have a good weekend!

August 23, 2017

Story time!

It's 12 pm and while I'm busy prepping up for lunch in the kitchen, I'm interrupted by tiny fingers trying to reach out to me. It's D (my 16 month old daughter) She drags me to her play area and persuades me to take a seat. 

The next thing I know is she runs towards her pile of storybooks, grabs one and quietly comes and sits back into my lap. This is "our routine" Something we follow multiple times a day and so I know it's my turn now! I open the book and start reading out to her... soaking myself in satisfaction that D has developed a love for books at an early age! 

Being a parent in a technology dominated  world has not been easy, it comes with its pros and cons. While I have the convenience of handing D an iPad (which I do, and she loves her video time) I don't want her to miss out on the simplicity of learning from a book. Basically, even if not a 100 percent, exposing her through realms of the kind of technology-free childhood I had.

Talking about my childhood - I remind myself how I was born and raised in India, as against raising her here in the US. I realize that our desi culture won't come to her by default, and if I lack the effort to teach her about India or things back home on a daily basis, she might grow up to be completely ignorant of her Indian roots. 

Fortunately, I'm not the only South Asian mommy with a similar thought process! Reena Puri and Mital Telhan from Desi Babies have actually gone a step forward by designing baby books that teach kids about our culture. 

Their latest one being- 10 Noisy Rickshaws!

The book is a perfect way to introduce numbers to your little ones and what I absolutely love love love is how cute and Indian the illustrations in the book are.

D was absolutely thrilled to start exploring the pages as soon as the book arrived and watching her do so was priceless.

10 Noisy Rickshaws has become a very valuable addition to D's library of books and if you ask me- I couldn't have found a better way to get her to learn counting while she also learns about a few Indian things. 

You can buy the book here and also get a 10% discount using promo code: IGAW

Photo credit: Saumya- a dear friend and an amazing food blogger! Don't forget to check out her blog @upclosewithsaumya

The Tent is the latest addition to D's play area! Its not only our reading nook but also her secret hide out whenever she wants to run away from me!:)

August 4, 2017

Reena Mathur | Famous Fridays

Reena Mathur | ReeMat Designs

I met Reena Mathur, couple of months back at an event organised by Brown Girl Magazine in NYC. She stood their by her jewelry counter attending all her customers as I curiously glanced through the display of her exquisite jewelry - trying some pieces on.  When the two of us got talking, Reena filled me in with details about ReeMat Designs, and I knew it in my head that I wanted this lady on my FF page. 

A ball of talent- who's designs have been worn at the Miss USA pageant by Miss New Jersey Chhavi Verg, tells us all we need to know about her journey towards the creation of ReeMat Designs!

1) Was Jewelry Design always the preset career option for you?

Growing up in the eighties in India, ones career choices were set early. If you were academically bright, you either became a doctor or an engineer. Coming from a family of engineers, I pursued Civil Engineering from Mumbai University and went on to complete my M.S in Construction Management at Stanford University. 

2) So how and when did you make the switch?

After working in the bay area for several years , I moved to the east coast to work on various construction projects in NYC. Priorities soon changed as motherhood took over. Raising two kids, building our new home became a full time project. As the children became independent, my creative passion for jewelry designing unraveled and with the encouragement of family and  friends I launched ReeMat designs - a line of handcrafted jewelry.

3) Give us an insight about your jewelry.

Our statement jewelry pieces are handcrafted by artisans in India and designed/ curared by ReeMat Designs. These works of art are crafted using various materials including semi-precious stones, wood, kundan, and even recycled paper. Each piece is painstakingly designed with a "fusion twist", combining the contemporary with the classic.

4) How do you keep the global element in your jewelry alive? 

Apart from creating my own designs, I've teamed up with several design workshops in India, and artists in Delhi and Singapore. Currently, ReeMat's stone collection is displayed at high-end boutiques in New York, California, New Jersey and many other states nationwide.

5) What sets ReeMat Design apart from others? 

ReeMat's mantra is "jewelry with a cause", donating a portion of our proceeds to various charitable causes is an important part of our journey towards building the brand across various platforms.

Thank you Reena for the inspiring interview and showing so much warmth during all our conversations. Wishing you tons of luck for the future!

You can view her entire collection here

July 24, 2017

Battery low!

I don't know if this is true for all iphone users but I'm always running out of battery life. Especially when its time to head out- and I see a 15% battery remaining (which practically happens  to me 90 percent of the time) I know I'm gonna have to borrow a strangers phone to make that urgent call to RJ or D's nanny about my whereabouts! 

Being a mom, and not being accessible over phone when dear hubby is babysitting all by himself, can create quite some panic on both ends. And you can trust me when I say that because I've been there.

Another very important area where my phone abandons me- is when it's time to click some great pictures for the blog. Just when I'm in the middle of a moment that I could use to capture for my Instagram story, my phone has died on me. 

Having said this, and for all the other important reasons of carrying a (charged) phone, I decided to gift myself a much needed power bank that I could bank upon:) 

This has truly been a life saver, when I'm out and running low on battery. Not just that, but I love how I can continue to use my phone on the go while it chargers itself simultaneously without being tied down to a wall charger. And yes, it has also put an end to the awkward phone borrowing from strangers to make urgent calls. Love love love this gadget!

Whats even better is there are so many pretty and chic versions of this handy gadget to choose from and I couldn't resist sharing it here on the blog. 





Isn't it cool when carrying a tech accessory can be made to look so much fun and non-geeky!?

With so many options to choose from, I really hope none of us have to ever be in a "low battery life" situation again!

Happy shopping

June 12, 2017

Happy feet!

The weekend temperature finally feels like summer is here. This kind of weather makes it so much easier to dress up. Not having to add layers before stepping out makes me a happier person! If there is one shoe that you're looking for, to get you through summer - its got to be a pair of espadrilles! Don't we all agree? They are so comfy yet stylish - making them one of the "must have" category. Lately they are my current favorite because I've been wearing them with all my outfits and they match effortlessly.

Whats even better is how many options they come in- basic, fun, flirty, hot or even glittery!  I've done a quick round up on them. Hoping you'll find a pair or two, to slip into- while you're headed out this summer!


Happy shopping:)