November 29, 2014

A special month!

November has almost reached its end. It makes me sigh. But it's been amazing to me like always. Did I also mention it's my favorite month!? Yes it is. It's my birthday month and I generally love this part of the year (in India and here too) 
While in India, it's the time that kicks off the weddings season and winter begins to set in. Nothing's more fun then attending winter weddings. Especially if it's a cousin or a friend getting married. Talk about it, and I begin to miss them already:(
November isn't too bad here either. It has its own charm. Thanks to Thanksgiving and shopping from Black Friday deals that makes it all worthwhile:) And when the first snowfall of the season happens to be on your just makes it a lil more special:)

 If only I could add a couple more days and stretch the month longer. Anyways, b'bye November... Until we meet next year!
Hope you'll too had a fun November. What's your favorite month anyway!?

November 18, 2014

A break from reality!

This happened not too long ago (a month back if I recall correctly) It was a regular day except that it had been raining all day. The household chores were taken care of and I had just finished updating the latest post on my blog. Bored out of mind watching the regular stuff on TV, I switched to Netflix. Maybe a movie would spark my gloomy evening. Keep me entertained for few hours back in time for dinner preps. Hopping between options on Netflix for almost 20 minutes the search finally ended. I hit the play button and started watching the much popular tv series, Gossip Girl. 

Binge watching TV series is something I had only seen people do, never experienced it. After the first few episodes of GG, I knew that was going to change. Drawn away from reality I found myself swept away, completely emerged into the reel lives of these fictional characters. 

I stayed up with my iPad in bed until wee hours of the morning. Viewing episodes back to back. Shut my eyes to sleep only when the battery of the gadget drained. Fiction had obviously taken precedence over real life. All that mattered was what next would happen in the lives of people I didn't even know few days back (to top it they were not even real) Everything else was just so secondary and happening in the background.

 I enjoyed this time-out from reality! I really did. But also had to make sure I got myself back to the real world. It didn't worry me though. I knew it would happen as soon as the series ended.

Fast tracking my way season after season, here I am today! done watching the final episode and pouring my heart out onto the page of my beloved blog. My favorite couple (Blair and Chuck) got their happily ever after ending (just what I had wished for) Their love might have been a work of fiction, but I felt happy for them in real. 

Now its time for me to move on. Bounce back into reality. Doing everything that I should be doing. And I so look forward. :))

P.S : *Never knew I would obssess so much over the character of Chuck Bass. Now that the series has ended, Ed Westwick AKA Chuck Bass you have a die hard fan on Instagram. Please keeping posting! xoxo

Few of my favorite quotes from the series! 

November 13, 2014

Bittersweet winter!

Glancing through the temperatures for this week on my weather app I know winter is on its way and hear to stay. Soon the first snow of the season will wrap itself around the barks of leafless trees, busy roads and sidewalks alike. The lake nearby would transit to its freezing point and sun will start to disappear at 4.

I am already dreading this cold. After the kind of winter we witnessed last year and given the fact that the winters back in India hardly qualify for fall temperatures here, this season is definitely not the most awaited one. Nevertheless I've managed to establish a bittersweet relationship with it over the years.

That's because snow time also means sales time! My inbox already has email alerts for Black Friday deals and this time of the year becomes perfect for new wardrobe additions! After all we need weapons to fight the brutal cold. A new jacket, pair of boots, matching scarf and other winter accessories is what I mean:))

Thanksgiving and Christmas is round the corner too!  Malls, city streets and living room corners are starting to sparkle with decorations. Thats exactly what makes this season worthwhile and keeps the warmth within me alive. 

So while I snuggle with my blanket, sip on hot cocoa and watch the tiny snowflakes bundle up outside my window, something within me says its going to be a memorable one! I hope it is for you'll too! Stay warm:))

November 7, 2014

My First!

 On that note, delighted to share my first interview published as a blogger! :))


Desi food at Desi Galli

I am a big foodie, and Indian cuisine definitely bags the favorite spot. Always on a hunt to explore great Indian food I was delighted when PriaVanda Chouhan extended an invitation to come try the food at her restaurant Desi Galli (love the name)

A cozy little restaurant in NYC, it is thoughtfully designed reflecting elements of Indian decor. 
Their menu has so much to offer and when I was lost deciding between options of kathi rolls, chaats , biryanis and their sliders, Pria came to the rescue and helped me make a decision.

While we waited for food to arrive Pria filled me in with how she has carefully created her own recipes to make healthier, lighter and gluten-free versions of the Indian food. Healthy Indian food in a restaurant sounds too good to be true? I wondered the same until I took a bite into my meal. 

The pleasant surprise was that the healthier version was actually so flavorful and true to the desi taste!  This place definitely scores brownie points for breaking the notion that Indian food can't be enjoyed the healthy way. While we chatted away and I finished my meal, I knew I wasn't done yet...This is one of those restaurants where I'd want to try every single item on their menu and I am surly coming back for more!

Thank you Pria once again for inviting me over, your warm hospitality and the tasteful food. Next time when you peeps are craving for healthy yet yummy Indian street food, I hope you know where to make the pit stop! I sure do:))

The hidden jewel at the corner of Lexington and 27th.
 Indian decor against the NYC street view.. love the combo!
Palak patte ki chaat and aloo paneer tikki slider..yummm!

With PriaVanda @ Desi Galli after the lovely chat n yummy chaat.

November 3, 2014

An inspiring Fall

Lately I've been observing Autumn,
Almost like its my favorite season!
Trees around me grab the maximum attention,
each one as if has its own story narration.

Leaves turn orange and yellow, while others into red
then there are the stubborn ones who refuse to shed.
No set pattern they all are unique
embracing the season with such finesse.

The fall foliage make a beautiful sight
as we watch the colors with utter delight. 
Change is inevitable in all or lives,
to accept it gracefully is what the tree decides.

With the onset of winter ahead,
even the last leaf will shed
but I'll wait for spring to come
and watch you blossom under the sun.