April 14, 2015

Close to nature!

I'm a little hesitant today as I sit to write after a gap of two months.. Its a big step in itself that I decided to get back to my blog. Incidents happen and make you question a lot of things. It makes moving on or getting back to normal seem like an unnatural process. A very dear blogger made me realize how I shouldn't give up on writing. My friends gave me the strength, to not turn my back on something that I found so liberating. And so, here I am doing what's best for me.

Lately I have been observing nature closely. All I can say is that it's brought a lot of peace to me.  The kind of peace that money can't buy. The kind of peace that clears your mind. The one that helps you heal.

Watching the sunset as I sit by the lake in all quietness, evening strolls that bring the freshness of spring to me! Observing the pretty buds blossom into flowers, spending a weekend close to the ocean breeze! All of this, has made a positive difference in past few weeks.

We have humans! Our friends, our family and our loved ones who are always around when we need to talk or share our sorrows. And then, there are few other blessings from god, whom we can't communicate verbally with...but help us move on nonetheless. Nature of-course is truly one amongst them.

When was the last time you felt close to nature?