May 24, 2013

Old friends reunite!

An old friend is like an old pair of jeans. We might love the new ones we buy, but the
comfort of an old we cannot deny.They have witnessed our past,been our partners in crime. Though we did fight a several times, what really does matter is that the friendship still survived!
Old friends, new memories.

When such old friends from back home visit your town, they bring along with them not just your favorite goodies to nibble on, but an experience of nostalgia that can transport you back in time.

"Back in time" to those days when responsibility was just a word that belonged to the dictionary.Real life was more synonymous to words like chilling, bunking and partying.Yes! that was the college life. A life that we lived with our friends.Those friends that we made for life.

Having them over led to a series of activities reminiscent to a life back then. Long drives with our favorite songs from the past playing on repeat.Shopping sprees that lasted as long as our feet didn't give up. Painting shades of neon on each others nails. Late night Maggie meals.Two mugs of coffee
and endless conversations made our days!

Then comes the time when they have to leave. My heart feels heavy as we exchange our final goodbyes. I know we would get busy and move on with our respective lives, but never mind.We would meet soon the next time:))

Their physical presence may not
surround us 24/7, yet when life is treating us dull we know they are just a phone call away.
Such relations are timeless, precious and special...
I call them family, but they are generally known as FRIENDS.

May 12, 2013

Mothers are special!

Mom n me <3

Yay!It's 12th of May. A very Happy Mother's Day to you mom and to all the other lovely mommies/mommies-to-be, across the world. This day of the year is dedicated to you'll and so is my post.

We all know the priceless feeling attached to having mom made food. Just regular daal roti made by her can be more satisfying than a gourmet meal at a fancy restaurant. Their cooking skills, we can hardly match, or may be its the love with which they cook thats the real catch.

With summer on its way, I thought sharing a drink recipe from my mum's collection would be the perfect way to mark her importance on this special day and prepare ourselves to face American summer the Indian way:))

Aam paana: A drink that I practically grew up on back in India. Never tried making it myself, dreading the thought of not being able to match the taste of my mom. This Mother's Day I decided to borrow the recipe, give it a shot and share it on my blog.

  • 2 raw mangoes
  • 10 to 12 fresh mint leaves
  • 4 cups water
  • 1 tbsp black salt( kala namak)
  • 1 green chilly (chopped)
  • Sugar as per taste.
  • Peel of the skin from the mangoes.Slice into long pieces and boil using 4 cups of water. Cook until they get tender.
  • Store the water and grind the pieces along with the mint leaves and green chilly.
  • Strain this mixture using a strainer and collect the liquid in a bowl.
  • Add the water to the strained mixture and let it cool.
  • Add black salt and sugar as per taste.
  • Put in the fridge and serve chilled

Flavorful, refreshing and loaded with nutrients, this cool summer drink has it all. It does lack the love my mom would mix in it if she made it with her own hands, nevertheless sipping on it from miles apart, does make me feel closer to her heart.

Cheers! What are we celebrating? Nothing much except for motherhood<3<3

May 2, 2013


Do they come in pink as well!:P
RJ and me were a match made on earth, but "gym"and "him"? Definitely a match made in heaven. If he was the gym freak, I was the opposite of gym freak.

Things would be hunky-dory if I could apply the formula of "opposites attract" to this situation. Sadly not and I always expected his gym time be replaced with us spending that time together.

After spending a long day at work, a man has a right to re-creation. After spending a long day at home, a woman has a right to her man! With an unbaised approach I argued both sides of the argument and decided to put an end to the love triangle between him, gym and me.

Enrolled myself to the gym membership. As we began to workout together, everything else worked out too.

What started of as an activity to simply spend more time with him has become more meaningful today. I can feel the obvious benefits that exercising has brought into my life. Realized that gym is not a place only for people trying to shed those extra pounds or aiming for perfect abs. A slim body doesn't necessarily imply a fit body.We all need the gym or some kind of physical activity. Be it dancing to zumba , playing a sport, lifting up weights or running on the tread. Health is wealth and cannot be taken for granted.

So let's drop the laziness and put on those shoes.
A tiring day at work can no more be the excuse.
If doing it alone sounds crazy and boring,
find yourself a gym buddy and get going!
Remember, two is always better than one,
makes the act of gymming more fun.

Have a happy workout!:)