November 17, 2016

Eventful November!

November loving!

If there is anything like a favorite month in the year, undoubtedly its November for me. And so I decided to do a post dedicated to this beautiful month of fall hues! The reason I call it my favorite is because it's my birthday month. I know that sounds quite a cliche and yet its true. 

This year, my birthday month decided to get pretty eventful. With Trump's (unexpected) triumph in the US election and the MODI'fied currency situation in India, clearly the change has been bigger than just leaves switching color this season. 

On a personal note, this month has been quite an exciting one!

As one of my bestie preps up to tie the knot later this month, another BFF made me aunt to an adorable baby girl last week. I know both my friends will make for a gorgeous bride and a doting Mother. I couldn't be happier for them. 

In the middle of all the exciting news, new phase in my friends lives and being witness to political news that will go down in history, RJ popped the question about how I wanted to ring in my birthday this year? 

After pondering over the question for sometime, I realised that the idea of "birthday celebration " has definitely changed for me this year. From doing something fancy and over the top, it has boiled down to spending quality time with loved ones. I think its a part of growing up and I'm happy I am starting to feel that way. 

Its been a month of change - for me, my friends and the entire world! With that said - November is, and will always be my favorite month!:)

Have a happy rest of your November!