May 2, 2013


Do they come in pink as well!:P
RJ and me were a match made on earth, but "gym"and "him"? Definitely a match made in heaven. If he was the gym freak, I was the opposite of gym freak.

Things would be hunky-dory if I could apply the formula of "opposites attract" to this situation. Sadly not and I always expected his gym time be replaced with us spending that time together.

After spending a long day at work, a man has a right to re-creation. After spending a long day at home, a woman has a right to her man! With an unbaised approach I argued both sides of the argument and decided to put an end to the love triangle between him, gym and me.

Enrolled myself to the gym membership. As we began to workout together, everything else worked out too.

What started of as an activity to simply spend more time with him has become more meaningful today. I can feel the obvious benefits that exercising has brought into my life. Realized that gym is not a place only for people trying to shed those extra pounds or aiming for perfect abs. A slim body doesn't necessarily imply a fit body.We all need the gym or some kind of physical activity. Be it dancing to zumba , playing a sport, lifting up weights or running on the tread. Health is wealth and cannot be taken for granted.

So let's drop the laziness and put on those shoes.
A tiring day at work can no more be the excuse.
If doing it alone sounds crazy and boring,
find yourself a gym buddy and get going!
Remember, two is always better than one,
makes the act of gymming more fun.

Have a happy workout!:)


  1. Hey Sonal! Very interesting blog..Keep it up. Looking forward for more posts.

  2. Lovely post Sonal, well written, short but with 2 gr8 msgs - the obvious one abt gymming n its benefits, not just on ur physical health but mental health too. And the other not-so-obvious msg about finding a simple solution to the lil differences that can become big if not handeled With care.

  3. Thank you so so much Suchita Di for your kind words. Appreciate every bit of it. It's you guys who keep me going:))