October 21, 2014

More Indian than you think

You can seperate an Indian from India but u can never seperate the Indianness form his heart!

 Over the years western clothes, culture, food, music etc have been making way into our lives in the name of "a better lifestyle". While we adapt to all the westernization with such ease, lets explore the flip side that actually exists. A side where Indians living outside India are making a constant effort to keep their Indianness alive! Me being one of them.

Born and raised in India when marriage made me move to the United States, along with me moved a mix of Indian culture, fashion and traditions that I was deeply rooted to. As the physical distance between me and my country increased I also found an increasing need to behold my indianness and not let it loose itself in the midst of new beginnings.

Today, after four years of living in the US I have learnt that the true meaning of being Indian lies hidden in all the little things we do and no amount of distance in miles can take that feeling away.

Each year the arrival of Indian festivals bring nostalgia and flash memories of celebrations back in India, but we wouldn't give up, instead lift ourselves and celebrate the festivities with equal zeal and excitement. Get dressed in colorful Indian outfits, adorn those jewels and treat our fashionable Indian souls with all the happiness and glamour it deserves.

Indian khana is cooked at home, dhabey walli daal is missed by the soul and every Indian restaurant in the city has been explored!

Indian films are always a part of the weekend agenda! Watching a 12 a.m show of Haider for the love of Shahid Kapoor or sitting through the movie Bang Bang despite its pathetic review. We will do anything to keep our bolllywood quotient high.

Watching seasons of House of Cards and Big Bang Theory is definitely what we love, but dinner time will always be accompanied with an episode of an Indian sitcom - be it the Mahabharat or the Big Boss!

Mornings start with a hot cup of Indian masala chai because the Starbucks or Dunkin doesn't give the similar feel I don't know why!

Indian in every lil way, Indian all the way!

In the coming years, I might still be living here, maybe some other country or may have moved back to India. Only time will tell but one thing that I can tell for sure is that no matter what part of the world I travel to, the Indianness will travel along!

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  1. Your blog is interesting! I liked that cute poem on Salman Khan! All the best for the contest :)

    1. Thank you so much Ankita for you kind words. Fingers crossed for the contest:)