October 25, 2016

New phone, Newer ME!

This weekend was an exciting one for me. I made a trip to the mall to collect my much hyped and much awaited iPhone 7. I'll be honest with you guys. As a previous iPhone 6 user, I don't see a vast variation in its successor. However,  I have my own reasons to be happy about a new phone!:)

Two years back while vacationing in Miami, I forgot my phone at a restaurant. As soon as I realised and ran back to get it, obviously it was gone! The guilt of losing a brand new phone filled me with deep regret. Therefore I decided to use an old phone that hubby RJ had discarded. Buying a new phone just didn't seem right after my irresponsible behaviour. Using an old phone was my way to compensate for the act.

I'm happy I waited this long before treating myself to a new one. I know I value it far more today. Oh and did I mention how glad I am that I can start clicking awesome pictures again! Something I really missed doing all this while...

Buying a phone wasn't just it. Since my previous phone wasn't backed up, it meant manually adding all the stuff into my new gadget. As I sat to download all the apps one after the other, surprisingly, the process became more refreshing than cumbersome.

This brand new phone of mine was beginning to make me feel like a brand new person.
A state of relief as if I hadn't just discarded an old phone but also a lot of personal baggage along with it.

It felt like an opportunity of clean slate. A Fresh start! Therefore, with all this positivity, here I am! Posting on my blog once again, and using my (new) phone to do so.

Who knew, that in the midst of upgrading to a new version of a phone, I'd simultaneously be upgraded to a newer version of ME:) Totally worth it!

P.S. The picture at the beginning of this post is of the case I ordered. Society6 has some really cool iPhone cases. You can check them out here. I love mine and its on its way!:) #lovewins #truethat

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