October 15, 2014

A decade of friendship!

They say blood is thicker than water, and I possibly cannot deny that but then there are few other people that come along and leave a permanent mark in your life.

Friends we usually call them and I know we have them in plenty, but sometimes when we're lucky god sends a special one, who will appear to be an angel in your crisis.

Ten years back when I first met Priyanka Shah, I saw her as nothin more than a girl who was going to be my hostel roommate for first year of college. And just maybe for the second and the third year too, if things worked to be cordial between us. With the passing of those three years not just did I land up sharing a room with her but also every bits and pieces of my emotions that my heart went through.

Each time a good, bad or an evil thing happened in my overly dramatic college life, she went through the same roller coaster of emotions with me and made sure that I was doing fine.

Ever since, until today a lot did change...
We lived together in the same room for three years of college life!
Then moved on to live apart in two different cities...
and as of today, while we live in two different countries, the addition of these miles hasn't subtracted anything from our bond.

Whether it's the feeling of anxiety or a piece of advice that I need. Sometimes it might be a random phone call to pour my heart out. Then there come these specific occasions when confessions need a non judgmental view. She stood by me as a pillar of strength in every little and big decision of life, and for all these reason I call my friend the angel in my life. 

Thank you P.S for being the best roommate, friend, confidante and an angle in crisis for sure! Here's to the first ten years of knowing each other and many more decades to come!!:)

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  1. Friends the true angels in our life.

    Nice post.

    May your friendship last forever.

  2. No doubt, God made friends so that we knew how angels behaved.

  3. So true Manjulika!!:) thanks for stopping by my blog

  4. Loved readin this :) brought back so many memories