January 12, 2015

Happy to be at home!

I was in some unknown territory. A jungle that was dense. So quiet not a single sound around. All I could hear is the whistle of the wind passing through the woods. The night was dark and I was all alone. How did I even get here? I was so confused. I needed a way out. I looked up at the sky. The dim moonlight and the twinkling stars were my only hope. Please guide me back home. Can someone at least let me know why I got here? What did I do? I am really scared now. Please save me from this darkness! I just need to escape and be back home. My lips are getting thirsty, and my throat is dry. Please god I don't wanna die. I think I am gonna faint. I can feel my eyes shutting. I neither have strength left in my body or any control over my senses. I could feel myself surrender as I lay there unconscious on the ground.

Suddenly I felt a jolt. There was sweat all around my neck. The fear had gotten inside my every bone.  I opened my eyes and remained in the bed. Daring not to move or switch sides, just hugged on to the blanket tight. Moments later, sunlight filtered through the bedroom window. I stretched my left arm from under the quilt and reached out for my cell phone on the bed side. It was 5:00 am in the morning. I took a sigh of relief and put myself back to sleep. 

That night...I was happy to wake up, and find myself at home!

*This story is a work of fiction. I penned it for a topic on Indispire that had to end with.."It felt good to be back home"

P.S  The scariest thing about a nightmare is that they seem so real! 


  1. You are right Sonal, I hate nightmares.

    1. Indeed they are! Thanks Arpita for stopping by my blog.

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  3. It is a happy feeling for us to realise whatever bad happened to us moments ago was just a dream ,and those nightmares will occupy a page in our diary.
    Nice short story Sonal :) ,the ending is appropriate to the title.

  4. Sometimes reality too gives us nightmares, sadly we can't wake up shrugging them of as a dream!! Glad this was "just" a night mare :D

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