April 30, 2013

We all need a break!

Miami state of mind

OMG! Is it end of April already!? Time is just flying. Except that I say so every year, the only difference this year was the long stretched winter. Little hint of spring and temperatures swearing not to rise beyond the 50-60 degree Fahrenheit in New Jersey. I am glad Mr. RJ (darling hubby) and me had planned a short getaway to explore the sunny side in Miami. A vacation long due anyway, where Mr. RJ could forget about his office deadlines and I could take a break from the list of daily chores lined up one after the other. Deciding menus for lunch/dinner, doing laundry, loading the dishwasher and stuff like that needed a serious substitution.

Lying on the beach, soaking up the sun, sipping on margarita's and eating like there is no tomorrow was the agenda of the trip. That "idle" state of mind, which I had failed to attain via meditation in a closed room of yoga sessions was effortlessly experienced while staring endlessly at the beach. That's the magic of a vacation. It can do wonders and comes with multiple benefits. I suggest we all make time to accommodate at least one (may be two) every year, out of our otherwise oh so busy lives!

Lately I have seen juice cleanse diets trending its way into our lives. A 3 day/5 day/7 day plan designed to give that much needed "break" to our digestive system and detoxify our body to get rid of  the harmful chemicals. How about we plan a similar break for our mind as well. A 3 day/5 day/7 day vacation designed to help us get us rid of the pilling stress that work has caused and change from built up monotony of routine life. We all need that sabbatical to reenergize our exhausted systems and bounce back harder and stronger.

Let's take the time off our work schedules, plan that vacation before we reach the burn out stage. Pick a destination spot (there are numerous to choose from), make it happen and feel the difference.
If by any chance you land up in Miami like I did,  don't forget to try their Cuban coffee.

Life is too short and time is flying anyway. Except that I say so every day:P 

Bon voyage! 

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