November 29, 2014

A special month!

November has almost reached its end. It makes me sigh. But it's been amazing to me like always. Did I also mention it's my favorite month!? Yes it is. It's my birthday month and I generally love this part of the year (in India and here too) 
While in India, it's the time that kicks off the weddings season and winter begins to set in. Nothing's more fun then attending winter weddings. Especially if it's a cousin or a friend getting married. Talk about it, and I begin to miss them already:(
November isn't too bad here either. It has its own charm. Thanks to Thanksgiving and shopping from Black Friday deals that makes it all worthwhile:) And when the first snowfall of the season happens to be on your just makes it a lil more special:)

 If only I could add a couple more days and stretch the month longer. Anyways, b'bye November... Until we meet next year!
Hope you'll too had a fun November. What's your favorite month anyway!?


  1. First of all belated wishes for your birthday :)
    .Hope you enjoyed well in your favourite month,and my favourite month is the December,because it brings the 'skin-bite' Chill winter followed by November and mostly this is the month of colourful decorations for Christmas and the last month to send-off the past and welcome the New year.
    And once again I wish you belated happy b'day to you Sonal.

    1. Thank you Sunny! Indeed December is a fun month