November 13, 2014

Bittersweet winter!

Glancing through the temperatures for this week on my weather app I know winter is on its way and hear to stay. Soon the first snow of the season will wrap itself around the barks of leafless trees, busy roads and sidewalks alike. The lake nearby would transit to its freezing point and sun will start to disappear at 4.

I am already dreading this cold. After the kind of winter we witnessed last year and given the fact that the winters back in India hardly qualify for fall temperatures here, this season is definitely not the most awaited one. Nevertheless I've managed to establish a bittersweet relationship with it over the years.

That's because snow time also means sales time! My inbox already has email alerts for Black Friday deals and this time of the year becomes perfect for new wardrobe additions! After all we need weapons to fight the brutal cold. A new jacket, pair of boots, matching scarf and other winter accessories is what I mean:))

Thanksgiving and Christmas is round the corner too!  Malls, city streets and living room corners are starting to sparkle with decorations. Thats exactly what makes this season worthwhile and keeps the warmth within me alive. 

So while I snuggle with my blanket, sip on hot cocoa and watch the tiny snowflakes bundle up outside my window, something within me says its going to be a memorable one! I hope it is for you'll too! Stay warm:))


  1. Very perspective view of winter in this post :) .Have a shiny season Sonal

  2. Winter reminds me of romantic movies, novels and hot coffee ... have a great winter :-)

  3. Winter feels magical - it must be something to do with snuggling into warm beds and warming your hands around hot cuppas. Sadly I'm yet to see a proper snowy winter. I'm sure snowflakes add magnificently to the magical picture. :)

  4. That's a lovely post Sonal..Your write up is as beautiful as winter..:)