January 7, 2015

Modern Art!

A visit to MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), New York

Art is intriguing! Modern art is even more. First week of the New Year is wrapping up and I can proudly say i'm keeping up to my New Year Resolutions. Part of which was my visit to MoMA. This should have been checked off the list long ago, but its never too late!:) 

It was a snowy day. Not the best kind of weather to step out. Never mind! I decided lets do this anyway. Grabbed my winter jacket, wore my boots and was on my way to explore a whole new world of Modern Art. 

The Museum is a melting pot of modern and contemporary designs. Combining a mix of architectural forms, drawings, paintings, sculptures and photography by various artists from history. I am not a connoisseur of art but love anything that has creativity involved.

I must confess the art exhibited was little confusing and made sense only when I read the information on every piece. Nevertheless standing between the works of such talented artists was an experience of its own. It made me a tad bit more insightful about the world of Modern Art.

Here is a collection of my pictures from the museum. There was art all around me, I possibly couldn't capture it all. But below are a few of my personal favorites! Hope you'll  enjoy.

The Paintings at the museum drew my maximum attention. Each had a story to tell. 

In case your wondering its a blank canvas in the name of modern art! Let me clarify its not.

The artist painted the canvas in white oil paint to bring to life the strokes of the brush. Deep right!? Such is modern art. And trust me this particular canvas drew maximum attention from people in the gallery. 

Another similar work of art.

A piece made out of waste. Empty glass bottles and chunks of coal. This particular artist created designs out of waste and natural products.

The fabulous Marilyn Monroe silkscreened on Canvas. 

Light installation.

Windows lined against the black backdrop. A dramatic representation of art!

If you look closely, these black and white pictures depict the streets of Mumbai. A proud moment for me to see Mumbai at MoMA,  I had to capture. 

The colors!
Pop of hues yet again! 

A very unique ball like object made by the artist to play with. Later which was magnified and found a place for itself at the museum.

A chopper suspended from the top most ceiling of the museum looked magnificent. The real deal was its visibility from all the six floors. 

Nature inspired art! Have you ever seen a rose this tall? Me neither.

Which one's your favourite? 


  1. The collection is simply awesome , hard to choose the favourites because each got its special attraction.
    The White oil paint Canvas, b/w of Mumbai streets and that rose which is taller of the tallest drew my attention a lot. And the rest are excellent too.
    Thanks to you Sonal for such a great photography from the MoMA :)

    1. Thanks once again Prasanna! The rose is one of my favorites too:)

  2. I recollect my visit to the Place.... Nice Presentation!

    1. Thanks Sreedhar! Glad to know you visited the museum too. I simply loved every bit of it.

  3. Such a beautiful museum.... the chopper is fascinating... do visit www.rohitdassani.com

    1. Thanks Rohit, appreciate you stopping by:)

  4. Loved the starkness of the windows!!
    Thank you for the wonderful virtual tour!

    1. Thanks a lot for dropping by! I love the windows too...

  5. I liked the creation of waste bottles. I myslef keep experimenting with bottles and going to complete a lamp shade made up of green bottles of pint size. Thanks for sharing this photo journey !

  6. The museum looks amazing, beautifully captured..

  7. You took really good snaps! Through this post we get to see glimpses of the museum :) I liked the windows. Idk why!