March 3, 2017

Famous Fridays | Arpana Moorjani

Arpana Moorjani - Personal Stylist

It's both refreshing and encouraging when you meet women who pursue their passion professionally. Arpana Moorjani from Brag your style is one such lady I know.

 Her endless love for fashion is evident not only in how she dresses herself but also as she talks to me about her journey of styling herself and friends to now being a professional Personal Stylist.

Recently, Arpana styled me for Valentine's Day and the entire outfit selection process was so seamless and easy. You can read all about it here

She is talented, ambitious, gorgeous and all set to explore the new realms in fashion. I'm so delighted to host this fashionista on my FF page today!
In conversation with Arpana, as she tells me all about brag your style

1) Tell us everything about brag your style

Brag your style is my way of expressing who I am through fashion. With my expertise as a personal stylist and shopper I help people find their own unique style. My services include styling men and women for special occasions and/or updating their wardrobe.

2) Is being a stylist something you always wanted to be?

I’ve always been driven to fashion. In the last few years I realised how much I loved helping my family and friends put together outfits/accessories and I decided to convert my passion into my profession.

3) Fashion to you is...

Fashion to me is an amalgamation of all beautiful things life has to offer. As once said by my fashion icon, Karl Lagerfeld,
“I am a fashion person, and fashion is not only about clothes – it’s about all kinds of change.”

4) Walk us through, how you work with your clients?

My job as a stylist and shopper is to work with clients to help them avoid the hassle of shopping for themselves. With the busy lives and schedules that people have today, they have no time and patience to shop for themselves. That’s where I come into play. The process is very easy and convenient and includes an initial complimentary consultation where I meet the client and get their requirements including size, budget, event, etc. Thereafter I shop for them and take their selections to them. The client keeps whatever they like and the rest goes back.

5) Whats in store for brag your style in the new year?

The plan for 2017 is to continue to grow and establish a strong foundation of clients who can benefit from my services. I would like to help my clients understand that anyone can look fabulous and stylish without breaking the bank.

6) An accessory that never fails you?

My Hermes Collier de Chien bracelet. Whether I’m casual or dressed up, this bracelet always adds the right touch to my look.

7) Your favorite Indian fashion icon?

Sonam Kapoor is my favorite Indian fashion icon. She is very fashion forward and carries herself with a lot of grace and sophistication.