June 30, 2013

Post a review!

Make your opinion count!

I am sure we all have relied/taken some advice from an online review.Whether it is before purchasing a product,availing a service or eating at a restaurant. Haven't we?
These ratings and reviews that exist all over the Internet world today,help us make a smarter shopping decision before we spend the bills or swipe our cards.

My point is that these comments do not come from "experts"who are getting paid to write so. These reviews reflect personal experiences of regular shoppers( just like you and me) who have selflessly taken that time out to post an unbiased review(good or bad) only to help future shoppers beware!

It got me thinking...have I ever personally stopped by to post a review for something I really had a good or bad experience with? "Write a review"is an option available at almost every website. It would take five minutes to speak up about your dining experience at a new restaurant you visited last weekend or the pair of shoes that you picked up from a store. 

Lets take that selfless timeout to post a review in return for millions of others who are already out there doing it.

Wondering where to start? You can write about anything.Your favorite spa,a restaurant you love to wine and dine at,or maybe a bad haircut at an over priced salon( now this place certainly needs a review!)
Spread the word.Let people know.Post it!

I just posted my first online review of a recent purchase,and it feels great! I hope you do too:))

Here is a little insider that will help you frame a good review.

Happy writing!

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