July 10, 2013


While peeps back home sit and rejoice over the much awaited monsoons in India, I welcome the summer sun with open arms in New Jersey.Yes! Finally I feel the heat.The irony of the whole situation is that the summer here puts a smile on my face as opposed to dreading the same season back in India.

Memories of the hot hot Indian summer don't go far too beyond looking forward to summer vacations (as a kid of course), relishing the mangoes (slurp) and restricting ourselves to a bare minimum of outdoor activity. The scorching heat makes you wanna stay indoor to avoid the dehydration, a heat stroke as well as the tan (especially the tan!)

Staying in USA however, has given a brand new definition to "summer" in my life! The sun and the warm temperatures bring along with them an array of activities to be experienced.Its that time of the year when beaches are flooded with people, hiking trails are waiting to get explored, barbecue parties are either being hosted or attended to and deals to white water rafting are on its highest sales!

Sounds fun right!? I know! That's exactly the reason I found myself developing a fondness for this season. Trying to squeeze all the activities in a handful of summer weekends at my discretion, I am all set to enjoy and make the most of this short and sweet summer, before it quickly disappears.

Hope you too have a happy summer/monsoon!

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