August 14, 2013

Celebrating freedom!

Indian in every lil way...
            ......INDIAN all the way!

People have different notions about long distance relationships. Some survive, while the others fade away with time. In my life, one such long distance relationship is filled with nothing but love, respect and an ocean of memories. Its the relationship I share with my country. The land that I was born and raised in.

Staying away from her, yet feeling attached in every single way on any given day, especially today!

Back home, the air feels different, I know it does. It's the smell of freedom because its the 15th of August. A date that acknowledges the independence of India. A reminder of how many lives and sacrifices this freedom has cost us.

As we celebrate our 67th Independence Day, millions of Indians form a part of the celebration. Each in its own way. While some remain glued to their television sets to watch the Independence Day parade, others gear up for flag hoisting ceremonies being performed across the nation. Students in schools  and colleges are all set to present their long rehearsed skits, that emulate the fight for freedom and roll us back in time. 

Whether its wearing the tri color batch on a simple white attire, singing together our national anthem or shedding tears while watching a patriotic movie being aired on television.
I miss doing it all.

A Happy Independence Day to all. 

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