August 26, 2014

Those were the days!

 Revisiting the Seven American sitcoms that were a part of our growing up process. When life was much simpler and all we wanted was for school to end and come home to watch our favorite TV shows.
Which one of these did you end up watching?

I'll be there for you!

The name says it all...Between Ross and Rachel's break up and make up sessions, Phoebe's passion for music and guitar playing that gave birth to smelly cat, Monica's OCD for cleanliness and almost every other thing, Joeys flirty "how you doin?" one liner, and Chandler's messed up love life, we found ourselves hooked on to every single episode- season one to ten. They made us laugh, they made us weep,but most importantly they set the bars of friendship really high in our lives.

 The Small Wonder

She's a small wonderrrrr...she is fantastic, made of plastic...microchips here and there.

A robot in disguise of a pretty girl named Vicki and the top secret of her robotic existence only know to the Lawson's family and the viewers! Truly, the plot couldn't have gotten any more interesting back in those days.

While we hated upon the disagreeable neighbors, the Brindles and their nosy daughter Harriet, Vicki the robot with her innocent charm and cuteness overloaded in everything she did or speak clearly swept us away.

what a childhood! 

This animated television series that revolved around Uncle Scrooge- the richest duck in the world  and his three grandnephews Huey, Dewey and Louie took us for a ride far away from reality, into a world of adventure and dreamy tales.

Highlight of the show: Uncle Scrooge's daily money swim into his pool of fortune! remember?


Didn't Astronaut Captain Tony Wilson strike gold when he found a 2,000-year-old genie trapped inside a bottle on that beach? Sure he did! 

Ever since, Jeannie dressed in her pink harems costume, the "blinks" with which she made things happen and the undying love she portrayed for her master, kept us completely bedazzled and mesmerized all through the series. 


Dennis-a true menace dressed in his overalls and stripped shirt defined the epitome of innocence and mischief in this black and white comic series. Not to forget his constant love-hate relationship with Mr. Wilson, the quiet and peace loving neighbor to the Mitchell family.

The trouble-prone kid made us empathize with him all along the series and his character made an impact that would last a life long. A burst of childhood memories at the mere mention of Dennis surly makes this light hearted comedy one of the best watches as a kid.

"watch'chu talkin' 'bout, guys?

When two African American kids (Arnold and Willis) from a poor section of harlem get adopted by a white American millionaire dad and start living with him and his daughter Kimberly at their NYC penthouse, different strokes is what you get!  

Undeniably, Arnold (the little one) managed to become the USP of the show. The quirky sense of humor for a kid to have his age and be able to act with such finesse clearly made us stay glued to our TV sets just to watch this dynamite perform on screen.


Set inside the life of Kevin, who narrates the story of his teenage years this comedy-drama soon became the perfect example for all the boys growing up. Girl friend problems and all other teenage drama that you had to face as a teenager suddenly came alive on the television set and just like that, Kevin with his infectous smile became the hero and stole a million hearts!

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  1. I used to love small wonder ..thanks for bringing back so many wonderful memories :)