September 3, 2014

ICE or RICE..its all about the cause!

Hats off to the power of Social Media, the #icebucketchallenge goes viral. Our Facebook page is over flowing with videos from friends, colleagues, relatives, celebrities and acquaintances pouring ice and making donations. While much has been talked about the water wastage, the challenge has indeed helped spread awarness for the ALS disease and also managed to raise the millions.

This eventually gave birth to the Indian version of the challenge and the ice has been replaced with the rice factor! 
Now we have our very own 

Must admit, a very intelligent move to capitalize on the publicity from the ice bucket and using it to make a difference and fight the poverty prevalent in India.  

However, the rice bucket doesn't have to be our answer to the ice bucket!

Whether it's about pouring an ice filled bucket on your head or donating a bucket of rice
  let's not forget the underlying cause of these challenges and be supportive of both.
Ice or Rice, I sincerely vouch for both the bucket challenges. How bout you?

Image courtesy:, google search engine.

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