July 24, 2017

Battery low!

I don't know if this is true for all iphone users but I'm always running out of battery life. Especially when its time to head out- and I see a 15% battery remaining (which practically happens  to me 90 percent of the time) I know I'm gonna have to borrow a strangers phone to make that urgent call to RJ or D's nanny about my whereabouts! 

Being a mom, and not being accessible over phone when dear hubby is babysitting all by himself, can create quite some panic on both ends. And you can trust me when I say that because I've been there.

Another very important area where my phone abandons me- is when it's time to click some great pictures for the blog. Just when I'm in the middle of a moment that I could use to capture for my Instagram story, my phone has died on me. 

Having said this, and for all the other important reasons of carrying a (charged) phone, I decided to gift myself a much needed power bank that I could bank upon:) 

This has truly been a life saver, when I'm out and running low on battery. Not just that, but I love how I can continue to use my phone on the go while it chargers itself simultaneously without being tied down to a wall charger. And yes, it has also put an end to the awkward phone borrowing from strangers to make urgent calls. Love love love this gadget!

Whats even better is there are so many pretty and chic versions of this handy gadget to choose from and I couldn't resist sharing it here on the blog. 





Isn't it cool when carrying a tech accessory can be made to look so much fun and non-geeky!?

With so many options to choose from, I really hope none of us have to ever be in a "low battery life" situation again!

Happy shopping

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  1. Ohhhh trust me when I say it happens to me 95% of the times. And it makes me go wild. I definitely could use these super cute chargers while I am on the go. Thanks so much for sharing babe!!!