August 4, 2017

Reena Mathur | Famous Fridays

Reena Mathur | ReeMat Designs

I met Reena Mathur, couple of months back at an event organised by Brown Girl Magazine in NYC. She stood their by her jewelry counter attending all her customers as I curiously glanced through the display of her exquisite jewelry - trying some pieces on.  When the two of us got talking, Reena filled me in with details about ReeMat Designs, and I knew it in my head that I wanted this lady on my FF page. 

A ball of talent- who's designs have been worn at the Miss USA pageant by Miss New Jersey Chhavi Verg, tells us all we need to know about her journey towards the creation of ReeMat Designs!

1) Was Jewelry Design always the preset career option for you?

Growing up in the eighties in India, ones career choices were set early. If you were academically bright, you either became a doctor or an engineer. Coming from a family of engineers, I pursued Civil Engineering from Mumbai University and went on to complete my M.S in Construction Management at Stanford University. 

2) So how and when did you make the switch?

After working in the bay area for several years , I moved to the east coast to work on various construction projects in NYC. Priorities soon changed as motherhood took over. Raising two kids, building our new home became a full time project. As the children became independent, my creative passion for jewelry designing unraveled and with the encouragement of family and  friends I launched ReeMat designs - a line of handcrafted jewelry.

3) Give us an insight about your jewelry.

Our statement jewelry pieces are handcrafted by artisans in India and designed/ curared by ReeMat Designs. These works of art are crafted using various materials including semi-precious stones, wood, kundan, and even recycled paper. Each piece is painstakingly designed with a "fusion twist", combining the contemporary with the classic.

4) How do you keep the global element in your jewelry alive? 

Apart from creating my own designs, I've teamed up with several design workshops in India, and artists in Delhi and Singapore. Currently, ReeMat's stone collection is displayed at high-end boutiques in New York, California, New Jersey and many other states nationwide.

5) What sets ReeMat Design apart from others? 

ReeMat's mantra is "jewelry with a cause", donating a portion of our proceeds to various charitable causes is an important part of our journey towards building the brand across various platforms.

Thank you Reena for the inspiring interview and showing so much warmth during all our conversations. Wishing you tons of luck for the future!

You can view her entire collection here

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