October 1, 2014


I love weekends! well we all do:) One of the favorite activities I like to indulge in over the weekends is catching up on movies. This Sunday watching Daawat-e-Ishq and enjoying it was a pleasant surprise especially because I didn't expect much and ignored the release in its first two weeks.

A rom-com that kept me entertained throughout while addressing the serious issue of dowry in a subtle yet strong way!
There is always a flip side to the story and sometimes that never gets exposed. This movie just strikes the right balance in not only bringing forward the act of dowry as a shameful practice but also
exposes how the anti dowry law is capable of being misused.

For all the fun, drama, romance and the social message go see it if you haven't already! Not to forget, you'll relish this Dawaat(e-ishq) a bit more if you happen to be a foodie! 


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