September 29, 2014

The power of #Hashtag!

floating in a world of hashtags!

"Our country used to play with snakes, now we play with the mouse"

 Quoted our beloved Prime Minister while addressing the crowd at Madison Square Garden in NYC. Rightly so, not just in terms of contribution to IT but the power of the mouse/computer has brought us closer in a unique way! 

 Little did we imagine a key on our keyboard would prefix almost any word, and change the dynamics of communication. 

The use of hashtags is no less then having a telepathic conversation through the means of twitter, Facebook, google+ and Instagram! enabling unknown people with similar thoughts at the same time to connect with one another.

Social media platforms have fairly contributed in bridging the gap between the youth and politics. For obvious reasons having Mr Narendra Modi in America fills every Indian with pride and joy, but it's been fascinating to watch how the language of social media: #ModiInAmerica got all Indians living across the world to connect and celebrate the event on the web in a unanimous way.

#ModiInAmerica #feelingproud #namosteamerica

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