September 12, 2014

FamousFridays | Madhuri Parson

Her jewelry line and personal charm, both have me completely smitten. Meet the lady who inaugurates my first FF page: 

Madhuri Parson -An Indian origin, New York based Jewelry Designer, with her own label (

Jewelry thats love at first sight. A perfect blend of traditional Indian elements with a modern touch, 
making it wearable on not just Indian but any attire. 

For an insight into the world of Madhuri Parson, the designer and the person she is, keep scrolling!

What fueled your love affair with Jewelry?

M: I was born into a family of jewelers dating back to six generations in India, so I would say that it all started at an early age...It's the jewelry heritage that motivates me to work hard and carry on this legacy.

Your inspiration while designing?

M: It keeps changing...I love attention to detail and mostly my inspiration comes from Architecture , Art and Nature. I could be walking down a street in NYC and gather inspiration from a sidewalk. Sometimes the colors of blooming flowers at Central park while taking a stroll does the trick. Even the spice dabba in mom's kitchen would grab my attention. 

Favorite Indian food and Restaurant?

M: For me, nothing beats a home cooked meal by mom. Be it her rotis that she makes from scratch, baingan ka bharta or choley she adds a magic touch to everything she cooks. When dining out, Hampton Chutney and Chola  in NYC are my favorites! Also love the Dishoom restaurant in London for its gorgeous decor and the food. 

If not a Jewelry Designer?

M: If I look back I didn't know that this would be it. It took 10 years of hard work to reach where I am today and my commitment has brought the best in me. Today I cannot even imagine doing anything else.

A glimpse of her creations! You can shop her exquisite designs here

See you'll next Friday!:)

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