September 8, 2014

Morning cup of bliss!

Have you ever sat to wonder how someone came up with the Indian version of tea, more dearly known as the Indian masala chai!? Anyway! a big thank you to the mystery inventor for the recipe. Though, unlike India I would never find a chaiwalla  here selling the "tapriwalli chai" at every nook and corner of the city, sometimes I do find myself getting lucky at few Indian restaurants of New York/New Jersey and god bless them for that.

On a rather everyday basis, I find myself enjoying what I fondly call as my morning bliss from the comfort of my own kitchen at home. Just a tad bit more satiating than a regular earl grey or a cup of cappuccino can provide, I Love my desi masala chai! 

Any chai lovers on my page yet!?


  1. Sonal,
    I love it especially when it's raining with thunderstorms which adds more character while sipping our India chai :) Sometimes I would quickly fry some pakoras to go with it

    1. Hi Sejal!

      Love the thought and yes! how much I crave the chai pakora combo when it rains, only a chai lover will know!!

      PS: thanks for stopping by my post:))

  2. Can never start my day without a cup of tea! Nice blog!

  3. We are a lot like each other when it comes to tea. I wrote a post on tea, sharing its link for you to read and tell me if you too feel the same.

    Romancing with Coffee or Committing to Tea