October 28, 2014

Being human!

You came into my life
when I was in my teens.
Watching you in movies,
I loved you in every scene.

 Favorite hero, childhood crush, first love
 you soon became
A school going girl
was overblown with your fame.

You made a few mistakes
well everybody does
I still managed to be
a part of your fan club

Years have passed
I watched your every release
The world has seen you change
 into a better human being.

You continue to entertain
season after season
Still waiting for a day
when I get to see you in person.

*Dedicated to one and only Mr Salman Khan! 
-Big fan


  1. Nice, it can clearly reflect your dedication towards Salman...

  2. Hi Sonalji
    Wish You and Your Loved Ones a very happy diwali & a prosperous New Year
    Have blessed Year Ahead
    Bhavikk shah

    1. Thank you so much Bhavikk,

      Wishing you and your family too a very happy Diwal!

  3. Your poem is very nice. But your hero is a murderer facing serious charges.