October 6, 2014

Those were the days! Part II

Fashion has been so volatile. Brands and labels that we wear today might have been completely unknown to us back in the days and the ones that we cherished wearing few years back! Have they lost their brand value today?

Let's take a look at some of those names that will not only refresh old memories but also were the biggest treasures in our wardrobe.

Remember that time when Fardeen Khan was hot property and also the brand ambassador for this popular brand!? I was a big fan! both him and the clothes:)

Yes I am exactly talking about those days when owning a Levis denim was a matter of pride!

That feeling of buying your first pair of nike shoes and not being able to hold the excitement of wearing it the very next day... NIKE-Just Do IT!- definitely did it!:)


The store that made me want to buy everything on display each time I walked in. Loved and cherished everything UCB!

Even if you had that Levis, a denim from Pepe was defintiely a happy addition to the collection.

One of the most popular Indian retail brand with its tag line -Wear Your Attitude, was surely the one bringing to us just what we needed, the trendsetting apparel.

Another denim that would want us to save all that pocket money and go splurge! Completely worth it, wasn't it?

Whether or not we really were into sports, anything and everything Adidas with those three stripes was capable of making us look and feel supercool.

We might have moved past our swatch days but this swiss brand not just brought a smile on my face but also compliments and a lot of style to the arm!

Reebok too was one amongst those top brands that we will go shop for even today but owning this brand back in time just made us feel in a different way!:)

Times have changed...
and we might sport a much more expensive watch on our hands,
but whats really special..
are memories that got attached while we wore these brands!

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