October 27, 2014

Diwali Instagram'ed!

A Diwali away from India, but we did our little something!
Does distance really matter when you're feeling festive from within?

A sparkling Diwali'2014

The perfect occasion to dress, feel and celebrate being Indian!
Lakshmi Pujan @ home sweet home

A selfie with my favorite pair of earrings:)

OOTD for a Diwali Party with friends!

A SWEET Diwali for sure!
Love the BRIGHTNESS and energy of the diyas


  1. Beautiful pictures! Loved your outfits as well.

  2. Wow love love ur sari..pls share wher did u get it from??

  3. Hi Ananya,

    Wish you a very happy Diwali!

    Thanks for the compliment, it's a sari gown from Varun Bahl:)

    I got it whil he was exhibiting his stuff in NYC

  4. Lovely outfits ★♥ loved the second styling, loved the saree too! Do more OOTD s :)

  5. Thanks a lot Somorita for dropping by and leaving such sweet notes on my blog!:)) yes will surly do more ootd.